German and French CLCs are accepting applications until 16 June 2017.

InnoStars regions may apply until 30 April 2017.  

(InnoStars: Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Croatia Czech republic, Greece)


EIT Health is still seeking applications from suitable companies and individuals for the 2017 round of Headstart and Proof-of-Concept Grants.

As part of its Accelerator activities, EIT Health provides funding for emerging companies and SMEs to develop new products and services for areas of interest to EIT Health and its members. The purpose of the funding is to accelerate market entry and create new economic activity.

Applicants for the Headstart and Proof-of-Concept Grants must be based in one of the regions/countries EIT Health already operates in, i.e., Spain, UK-Ireland, Scandinavia, France, Belgium-Netherlands, Germany/Switzerland/Austria and Innostars. In each EIT Health region/country up to seven Headstart/Proof-of-Concept grants with a value of up to €50 000 each are available to successful applicants. However, the total number of awards and individual award levels may vary between EIT Health Co-Location Centres (CLCs), and applicants are encouraged to consult the country/region-specific sections in the call document for details. In most cases, EIT Health core and associate partners will provide access to innovation facilities and networks, as well as mentorship to successful applicants in addition to the cash award provided by EIT Health.

Download the Call Document here.

Submit your application here:

Review the information required for your application “InputFields_2017HeadStartandProofofConcept

Already applied?

The EIT Health Co-location Center (CLC) you applied with will contact you if they have any questions or concerns regarding your application. Decisions are expected by 31 May, 2017.

Please refer to the Call Document  for details about the evaluation.

You can also contact your relevant CLC below, or email for any further questions.


CLC Contacts:

Spain: Dr Marco Pugliese (
UK-Ireland: Dr Paul Anglim (
France: Dr Bertrand Lejeune (
Scandinavia: Palle Høy Jakobsen (
Innostars: Peter Nagy (
Belgium-Netherlands: Dr Menno Kok (
Germany/Switzerland/Austria: German CLC office (