About this Campus Summer School: In the health landscape, there is an increasing demand to boost students’ ability to develop innovative solutions for health-related challenges in direct collaboration with all public and private stakeholders and end users of all kinds.

Five universities, six private (one CRO) and three public partners that reside in three major European cities and two co-location centres, who have in depth expertise in health, economics, policy and innovation hereby join forces to refine their societal role in response to the challenges that are put forward by EIT Health. In particular this course will:

  • Share and implement best pedagogic and digital-didactic practices
  • Organize a sustainable network for faculty exchange on pedagogics and handling interdisciplinary groups
  • Enable interaction between students and alumni from different locations
  • Establish connections to local academic education offerings on health and innovation
  • Translate ideas and solutions into further implementation through EIT Health Accelerators

The triple-summer school aims to deliver interdisciplinary learning-by-doing education and tools for innovative processes to graduates and health care professionals. In addition, the schools will enhance direct interaction with the public and private sector to stimulate the participants’ community engagement.

Target: 24-30 students per location, graduate and postgraduate students, professionals, researchers and teachers.

Formal prerequisites include:

Copenhagen and Gotland: A bachelor’s degree from a discipline with relevance to the scope of the specific summer school. Selection will be based on interests in healthcare, welfare technology or innovation.

Rotterdam: No prerequisites. Selection will be based on interests in health economics and management.

When and Where:

Copenhagen, Denmark, 7-18 August, 2017 (7.5 ECTS): University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, Novo Nordisk A/S, The Capital Region, DigiRehab

Gotland, Sweden, 7-18 August, 2017 (5 ECTS): Uppsala University, Uppsala Innovation Centre, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Region Gotland, Visby Hospital, Centigo

Rotterdam, Netherlands, 3-14 July, 2017. (5 ECTS): Erasmus University, City of Rotterdam, Management Centre Innsbruck, Syreon Research Institute Hungary, Philips

Deadline for applications:

Gotland: 15 March, 2017

Copenhagen: 1 April, 2017 

Rotterdam: Confirm by 1 May, 2017. Deadline for registration is 31 May, 2017.


Gotland: http://www.uu.se/en/admissions/master/selma/Kurser/?kKod=3HI001&typ=1 (Also more information at: http://www.uu.se/eithealth/Activity/campus-education/summer-short-course-2017-innovation-game)

Copenhagen: http://healthyaging.ku.dk/for_students/eit_summerschool/2017/

Rotterdam: https://rotterdamsummerschool.com/courses/course/alive-and-kicking-rotterdam–health-services-redesign-to-aging-related-challenges


Coordination of the triplet summer school is managed from Copenhagen. The following are contact persons for each campus activity:

Gotland: Associate Professor Erik Olsson erik.olsson@kbh.uu.se

Copenhagen: Academic Officer Line Damberg Laugesen ldam@sund.ku.dk

Rotterdam: Program Manager Sebastian Sparidis sparidis@erasmusacademie.nl  

Partners: Københavns Universitet (University of Copenhagen); Novo Nordisk A/S; Phadia AB (Thermo Fisher Scientific); Philips Electronics Nederland B.V.; Uppsala Universitet; Capital Region of Denmark; Uppsala Kommun; Copenhagen Business School

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