LaunchLab page launches, in anticipation of September pressure cooker

A landing page was launched In preparation for a bigger launch, which is due to begin in September, the EIT Health Bootcamp: LaunchLab. LaunchLab is unique two-month pressure cooker that allows aspiring entrepreneurs from all over Europe to discover the business potential… Read more

Young talents boost innovation in StarShip program

At a 6-10 March workshop held in Lodz, Poland, the StarShip project launched training sessions that represent the new generation of innovation fellowship programmes, based on MIT BioDesign model, and organised through EIT Health. StarShip targets graduates and PhDs in countries… Read more

GoGlobal opens up a world of possibilities for innovative healthcare entrepreneurs

The majority of Europe’s medtech companies are smaller firms, with staffs of 50 or less, and they face daunting barriers to growth, especially when they try to expand beyond their home country’s borders. GoGlobal, an EIT Health Accelerator programme, gives… Read more

CARE Campus workshop builds curriculum for caregivers

Before participants in EIT Health’s CARE Campus began to elaborate their cure, Lefkos Middleton, a Professor of Neurology and Ageing Research in the School of Public Health at Imperial College London, delivered the diagnosis: “Caregiving services in Europe are often… Read more

Sport4Health: App uses team spirit to encourage patients to engage in exercise prescribed by the doctor

Sport4Health started receiving EIT Health Innovation Project support this year. Developed with the understanding that people are more likely to undertake the exercise they need if they can do so in an enjoyable group setting, Sport4Health brings together partners –… Read more

EIT Health’s European Health Catapult website is launched

The new European Health Catapult Competition (former BP Aggregator) website has been launched. Startups or SME in Medtech, Biotech and Digital health can now apply through the webpage. The Competition gives you the chance to mature your business plan, negotiation,… Read more

1,000 Sanofi employees testing WarmUapp, which promotes healthy lifestyles

As of late February, 1,000 employees of Sanofi have been involved in voluntary testing of WarmUapp, an EIT Health Innovation Project that is supported by Sanofi and other EIT Health partners. WarmUapp is a global solution designed to enable anyone… Read more

Entrepreneurs must act fast to join Accelerator programmes

Entrepreneurs who need support to get their healthcare innovations to market are urged to act fast, as many of the opportunities outlined in the EIT Health Accelerator Invitation for Programme Participation 2017 have application deadlines of 31 March. You can learn more about the… Read more

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