Innovation Projects

Clinical validation set for Innovation Project that promises to provide better test for prostate cancer

Testing for prostate cancer is important for men who are middle aged or older, but the inaccuracy of current testing techniques leads to many unnecessary prostate biopsies. In addition, many men have aggressive prostate cancer that currently not detected. The… Read more

Fellows use biodesign to diagnose needs and prescribe solutions

In supporting EIT Health’s overall effort to promote healthcare innovation, the Campus education pillar taps into the ecosystem of our partners to find and nurture some of Europe’s top talents in healthcare, entrepreneurship, data science and other fields that can… Read more

Product/Market Fit is still open for e-health companies looking to expand their customer base

With a good idea, some investment and hard work, startups in the health and life sciences fields can get started in their local market. But if these firms are going to achieve meaningful growth, and if their innovations are going… Read more

{Life Science} meets IT Hackathon in Heidelberg

The German EIT Health GmbH together with Heidelberg Startup Partners and Heidelberg University will organise the second edition of the Life Science meets IT Hackathon in Heidelberg, running May 19-21. More than 80 participants from different countries are expected to… Read more

EIT Health CEO to speak at conference promoting socially responsible research and innovation for health

As part of a continuing effort to encourage responsible research, the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)  will host a 18-19 May conference on “Responsible Research and Innovation in the Health… Read more

LaunchLab page launches, in anticipation of September pressure cooker

A landing page was launched In preparation for a bigger launch, which is due to begin in September, the EIT Health Bootcamp: LaunchLab. LaunchLab is unique two-month pressure cooker that allows aspiring entrepreneurs from all over Europe to discover the business potential… Read more

Young talents boost innovation in StarShip program

At a 6-10 March workshop held in Lodz, Poland, the StarShip project launched training sessions that represent the new generation of innovation fellowship programmes, based on MIT BioDesign model, and organised through EIT Health. StarShip targets graduates and PhDs in countries… Read more

GoGlobal opens up a world of possibilities for innovative healthcare entrepreneurs

The majority of Europe’s medtech companies are smaller firms, with staffs of 50 or less, and they face daunting barriers to growth, especially when they try to expand beyond their home country’s borders. GoGlobal, an EIT Health Accelerator programme, gives… Read more

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