The EIT is a European initiative aiming to respond to the big challenges of today by creating innovation based on the knowledge triangle. This task can only be accomplished if all stakeholders are working together. This is why the Education Directors of EIT Health and EIT Raw Material initiated a Cross-KIC workshop on EIT Labelling. This Workshop, which was hosted by UPMC in Paris was a great example of this teamwork – the Acting EIT Education Officer Antonios Fysekidis and the representatives and participants of all five existing KICs – EIT Digital, EIT InnoEnergy, Climate KIC , EIT Raw Materials and EIT Health, were exchanging ideas and experiences, this resulting in the enlargement of their professional networks.

In the morning the relevant documents were presented, answering the question of how to successfully label a KIC. The three experienced KICs shared their practices and know-how with the new ones. In the afternoon, workshops were organized and the participants had the opportunity to learn in groups how to prepare the programmes while being coached by experienced KIC experts.

The EIT label is a certificate which improve the job conditions and employability of the students, encouraging the entrepreneur spirit and providing a unique skillset to start their own companies in order to boost the European economy. The labelling process challenges the conventional ways of thinking and require cooperation between universities and industry. Companies have their role in the design of a Master and/or PhD programmes, focusing on the learning outcomes. This partnership opens the minds and presents new opportunities not only to the students, but to the companies and universities as well.

The EIT labelling is a time and energy consuming process, but the spirit of the EIT partners is to turn challenges into opportunities. At the end of the workshop new ideas were born, new contacts were established and new collaboration opportunities identified.