Diabeloop, an EIT Health-supported project and winner of the French CLC’s 2016 Business Plan Competition, announced “excellent results” from their first set of clinical trials in a presentation at the 15-18 February International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes in Paris.

Described as an artificial pancreas, Diabeloop is worn by the patient. It includes a pump that delivers insulin automatically, based on a patient’s profile, glycaemia measured by a sensor the patient wears and external events, such as meals and physical activity. Diabeloop also transmits patient information to a telemedicine service, which can monitor the patient’s health. Using Diabeloop, patients with even severe Type 1 diabetes should be able to avoid hospitalisation and spend more time at home.

The results of the 40-patient clinical trial, originally presented on 31 January and elaborated at the Paris conference, showed patients spent twice as much time in normoglycemia when using the Diabeloop system. Post-trial questionnaires showed overall satisfaction of the system compared to patient’s usual treatment, the company announced. For more details on the clinical trials, see the web post here.

Cooperation with EIT Health

Diabeloop received EIT Health support after being chosen one of the seven winners of the EIT Health France Business Plan Competition in 2016. The other winners of the contest in France were:

  • ACS Biotech: developing a cartilage repair solution based on the emerging technique of cartilage cell transplantation.
  • Bioserenity: developing the first diagnostic solution for epilepsy using smart clothing, a smartphone application and a cloud platform.
  • Dynseo: a tablet-based app to stimulate seniors and prevent cognitive impairments.
  • Happytal: delivers highly strategic and operational services in the private rooms billing process and provides a range of services to patients, relatives and staffs.
  • Endocontrol : developing a range of products aiming to aid the surgeon in minimally invasive surgery.
  • Rheonova : developing a medical device dedicated to the pulmonary diseases market.

Diabeloop is continuing its work with EIT Health. The company has submitted several projects to EIT Health and is currently looking for partners around the four following themes:

  • Technology: Adapt to unstable diabetes, develop stress and physical activity algorithms, conduct research on machine learning.
  • Development: Integrate additional sensor/pump, adapt existing algorithm to children and improve user-friendliness of the system.
  • Clinical & Regulatory: Perform clinical trials for CE marking, define a reimbursement strategy with payers.
  • Commercial: Develop a commercial strategy in EU countries, assess the commercial potential of the US market and design a commercial strategy.