One of the funding initiatives launched by EIT Health is the creation of a financial aid line addressed to speed up the arrival of technology-based products and services and to create new business opportunities in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship for a healthy lifestyle and active aging.

Specifically, the Spanish node of EIT Health launched two calls for proposals: Proof of Concept, geared towards projects and business ideas in the early stages prior to the establishment of a company or those currently participating in health acceleration programs (the so called PoC Plus modality) and the Headstart, a funding line open to Spanish companies clearly-market oriented for the development of business ideas, and health products and services.
The selected projects for the EIT Health Spain Head Start and Proof of Concept Programme 2016 funded with a total amount of 350.000€, are:

Head Start projects
1. Testing and Re-design of the prototype of MOWoOT, a medical device as solution for Chronic Constipation (TeDeMoOCC) from usMIMA
2. Clinical and technological validation of the SimVis Technology for cataract surgery (SimVisVal) from 2Eyes Vision
3. Oral Biofilter from Astradentium Health Technologies
Proof of Concept projects
1. Multiparametric nosological images for supporting clinical decision in solid tumors (Multibioim). Elies Fuster Garcia, UPV/ITACA
2. CreatSens, a novel platform for healthcare at home (CreatSens).Francisco Andrade
3. Efficacy and safety assessment of novel soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitors for the prevention and treatment of acute pancreatitis (sEHIAPInf). Santiago Vazquez Cruz, UB
4. New antibiotics to combat hospital-acquired Gram-negative infections that not respond to current treatments (CYCLICK).Francesc Rabanal Anglada, UB
5. KN-150 as a subacute therapy for stroke (KASTS). Teresa Gasull,IGTP
6. Smart dressing for the treatment of chronic wounds (DERMOGLASS) Elisabeth Engel. IBEC
7. persoNAlized 3d-heart Printing mOdels for pLanning valvE interventiONs (NAPOLEON). Manuel Martínez Toran, UPV

Proof of Concept Plus projects
1. Novel antimicrobial therapy. Eduard Torrents, IBEC
2. An improve formulation and delivery of biopharmaceuticals by protein crystals in gels. Luis Álvarez de Cienfuegos, Universidad de Granada.