EIT Health Summer Schools and Short Courses for 2017

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EIT Health Campus has announced detailed descriptions of its Summer Schools and Short Courses for 2017, and is offering the opportunity for applicants to register their interest in these courses.

EIT Health Campus works with students and professionals to develop skills, increase industry knowledge and showcase their potential. It responds to learners’ diverse needs with more opportunities to pursue niche specialisations. As part of this commitment, the Campus provides a variety of Summer Schools, offering unique opportunities to deepen understanding of especially relevant areas within the healthcare industry. In 2016 EIT Health Campus successfully delivered five Summer Schools and three Short Courses, and we plan to continue to develop these in 2017 as some of the most visible and high-value educational activities of EIT Health. These activities showcase the broad expertise among our partners and attract the most talented students in Europe.

Our 2017 programme focuses on the integration of the different EIT Health Pillars. The inflow of business cases come from individual participating students but also from industrial partners directly involved in running upcoming EIT Health Innovation Projects. Summer Schools and Short Courses will be organised so the best business ideas and themes feed into the EIT Health Accelerator.

Participation in the summer schools is free for students of partner organisations of EIT Health, including costs for all programme items, like catering and social events during the summer schools. Participants who are not from partner organisations will be charged a fee (different per summer school). Costs for travel and lodging have to be paid by all participants themselves or their host institution. Limited travel grants are available. If students are unable to cover these costs, they can contact the local summer school organisers for details on how to apply for these travel funds.

Find out more about Campus Summer Schools and Short Courses, and how to register your interest, by clicking on the links below.




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