On 6 April 2016, the German EIT Health GmbH hosted its first Campus Workshop in Heidelberg. Around 25 participants joined the event and discussed the new Campus calls and identified areas of interest in the four Campus Hubs (Graduate Hub, Executive & Professional, Flagships, MOOCs/Digital).

A highlight of the event was the participation of the international speakers Ursula Mühle (Director of Education, EIT Health HQ), Frans van der Ouderaa (Head of the Executive & Professional Hub, Leyden Academy, the Netherlands) and Véronique Perdereau (Head of Graduate Hub, UPMC France). Ursula Mühle highlighted the Campus vision and remarked that education is a tool to integrate different issues between the pillars of EIT Health. In order to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation in healthy living and active ageing, the EIT Health Campus works with students, professionals and citizens to develop skills, increase industry knowledge and showcase their potential.

To stimulate behavior and awareness, EIT Health focuses on the following activities:

  • Teaching entrepreneurship to equip students with the right skills, mindsets and behavior
  • Developing educational modules and programmes for healthcare innovation
  • Teaching novel processes and best practices for patient-centred care and self-management
  • Developing a citizen-centered approach to empower citizens by exploring new pathways such as Festivals and MOOCs.

As the participation of German and Swiss partners in the Campus Portfolio is currently still quite limited, the planned aim is to develop a German Working Group on Campus, where EIT Health partners can collaborate and support each other to move the Campus agenda forward and discuss strategic developments.

Bodo Brückner, Entrepreneurship Manager of the German EIT Health GmbH, explained the Campus Calls and how organisations can get involved in the different fields. For innovative ideas that don’t fit into the 4 campus segments, proposals can be handed in to the “Campus Pillar Development”. He also highlighted the Flagships with E-Labs and Innovation Fellowships, as well as the MOOCs/Digital Learning segment. Prof. Dr. Freimut Schliess, Director Science & Innovation of Profil Institut für Stoffwechselforschung GmbH, presented the connection between Innovation Projects and Campus Activities by providing more information about the CLOSE project. Véronique Perdereau, Professor at UPMC, highlighted the activities in the Graduate Hub by explaining for example integrated and non-integrated Master and PhD programmes and EIT Health labelling courses. Dr. Frans van der Ouderaa, Chief Scientific Officer of Leyden Academy, spoke about the involvement opportunities in the field of Executive Education. By focusing on stakeholders’ needs and desires, the approaches need to be tailored to the different target groups. Empowerment and a citizen-centric perspective play a key role in this process.

In interactive discussion working groups on the four Campus hubs, participants had the opportunity to network, discuss ideas and challenges and identify common interests and suitable partners for planned projects.

The next meeting dates of the German Working Group for each Portfolio will be announced by the end of April. Other important links for Campus are:


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