The German EIT Health GmbH together with Heidelberg Startup Partners and Heidelberg University will organise the second edition of the Life Science meets IT Hackathon in Heidelberg, running May 19-21.

More than 80 participants from different countries are expected to work on 10+ healthcare challenges, in order to develop new solutions. Three high-value prizes will be given to the winners in different categories (best business case, best technical solution, and most patient-centric solution). Last year, the event was already sold out in advance, as more than 80 participants from different fields (technical & IT, medical, design, business) and from different countries (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, US) registered.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or in providing challenges in the area of healthcare and IT, please contact Florian Burg (

For further information on the event please contact Christine Neumann at the e-mail:

In the meantime, more links regarding information on the event can be found here , as well as, here. For information on the 2016 event click here.