The EIT Health Campus fosters excellence and innovation in health and business education. We develop novel and unique education programs tailored to provide future healthcare leaders and entrepreneurs, who will shape the future of European healthcare.

EIT Health is one of the strongest healthcare communities worldwide, composed of research-intensive companies, elite universities and innovative health and care providers. Our vision is to become a catalyst for change while creating novel solutions that make healthy lives a reality for all.

Due to our partnership, Campus is the ideal environment to connect the brightest learners to those institutions with decades of experience in health innovation and entrepreneurship.

EIT Health Campus aspires to build a creative healthcare workforce that is conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship. To do this the STELLAR approach has been developed, in order to: Spark, Transform, Embrace, Lead, Leap, Amplify and Reward. These actions will help students and post-doctoral researchers raise their levels of expertise and employability. They will also support professionals and executives who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of healthcare and its industry. Campus moreover reaches out to citizens and enable them to manage their own health.

Campus offerings are intended to increase industry knowledge and showcase their potential, to deliver novel skills and also to change behaviour. It strives to transform European healthcare education, working with leading universities to make them truly entrepreneurial. It equips students, professionals and citizens with the kind of specialised knowledge and toolkit that will best complement their existing expertise to get their innovations into the world.

Today’s learners are as diverse as the healthcare industry and the EIT Health Campus has as its key purpose to answer their needs, opening more opportunities to pursue niche specialisations. This means bringing out a new generation of inspired and motivated professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs in business, research, and health to redefine Europe’s healthcare systems, for the benefit of all its citizens.

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