The EIT Health Innovation Projects programme is a powerhouse for generating new ideas for healthcare. Most importantly, it gets these ideas into Europe’s healthcare system and into citizens’ lives to improve their health, wellness and quality of life. It carefully evaluates project ideas in order to support those that will have the greatest positive impact on healthcare.

Ideas supported for the EIT Health Innovation Projects are multidisciplinary and contribute to at least one of Europe’s diverse healthcare challenges. They include areas ranging from lifestyle interventions and nutrition, to brain health and treating chronic diseases, to social care and managing risk of exclusion, to improving healthcare systems.

Projects are categorised into one of two streams:

  • Innovation by Ideas: collaborative projects that are solution-driven and bottom-up;
  • Innovation by Design: collaborative projects that are needs-driven and start from a recognised market need or societal problem to deliver tangible results for citizens.

Promoting this multidisciplinary approach to healthcare innovation will open doors to new collaborations, new products and services, and better care for citizens. This collaboration will be a key element in advancing innovation in European healthcare.

As one of the world’s leading healthcare networks initiatives, EIT Health Innovation Projects is in a prime position to bring diverse ideas into the market.

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