In a project that is part of the EIT Health Campus E-Lab activity line, Smart-up Lab students were trained by our Partner – Draum Design from Norway which is specialized in Service Design methodology.

During 2 days, students project teams, learned about user experience design, context analysis, user behavior analysis, design and optimization of interaction processes with special attention to customer experience, prototyping.

To conduct this training practically, the participants worked on their own ideas for star-up, which they will present during the conference in May – Lodz Promoted Startups. The results of their work will be judged by the audience and the 3 top teams will receive funds to fund the demontrators.

Ingrid Koefoed and Jan Kristian Strømsnes- representatives of Draum Design left students challenge and author tools:
Service blueprint design based on deep case analysis.

In a month’s time, we will recognize the winning Smart-up Lab team , which will go on a weekly study visit to Norway to work with Draum Design on its idea for start-ups.