World Cancer Day is an initiative taking place each year on 4 February, offering an opportunity for people around the globe to unite beneath a common cause: overcoming the global cancer epidemic. In 2016, the theme of this important event is “We can. I can.”

According to the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), the organizer of World Cancer Day, cancer kills more people on a global scale than AIDS, malaria and TB combined. It sadly causes 600,000 deaths each month, with the highest incidence in developed countries – however, the impact in the developing world is also growing at an alarming rate.

In addition to the loss of life, the economic impact of cancer is huge. Currently it is estimated that the disease costs economies across the world an estimated $290 billion – with over half that amount estimated to be medical costs.

The global cancer epidemic is set to continue rising. Worryingly, it is expected that by 2030 there will be 12 million cancer deaths per year and the global costs will rise to 458 billion.

These figures may seem overwhelming, but it is important to remember the tremendous effort that is taking place around the world to fight the disease. Along with their loved ones, cancer patients have the support of organisations around the world that are dedicated to finding new treatments and – eventually – a cure for the disease.

EIT Health thanks each and every individual and organisation that is involved in the fight against cancer. We are proud to have a number of such organisations in our partnership – for example, Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus Grand Paris.

This is a centre for patient care, research and teaching, where patients with all types of cancer can be treated. With cutting edge research and treatment, and founding values of innovation, dynamism, cooperation and benevolence, Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus makes contributions to fighting cancer that affect the lives of people around the world.

Together, we can!

See how you can show your support on World Cancer Day.