At a 6-10 March workshop held in Lodz, Poland, the StarShip project launched training sessions that represent the new generation of innovation fellowship programmes, based on MIT BioDesign model, and organised through EIT Health.

StarShip targets graduates and PhDs in countries included in EIT Health’s Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS). The programme is lead by an EIT Health partnership consisting of University of Coimbra with the support of KTH Stockholm, IESE Business School and GE Healthcare.

StarShip is not only an education program, it also contributes to knowledge triangle integration. Fellows – grouped into international multidisciplinary teams – work on real healthcare challenges provided by EIT Health industrial partner GE Healthcare, and search for innovative solutions tailored for local needs. During the solution design fellows utilize the existing researches and knowledge of universities therefore they bridge the gap between industry needs and university research.

The kick-off workshop took place in Lodz between 6 an 10 of March, where fellows learned the basics of the Biodesig model, got familiar with the healthcare challenges provided by GE, took part in team building sessions and started the cooperation with their team mates. Participants came from RIS eligible countries all over Europe such as Portugal, Italy, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Latvia or Lithuania. This team of young talents made a deep impression on the organizers of the program.

“What struck me was the engagement of the students coming from a genuine interest in the subject combined with a high level of competence and experience in their fields. The feedback from these students while teaching was truly inspiring while I could see them realizing the significance of design thinking to innovate in health care.” (Sjoerd Haasl – KTH Stockholm)

The next get together of StarShip will take place in Barcelona from 29th May to 2nd June 2017.