3 November 2021

Legal advice for designing scale-up strategy


EIT Health Innostars is looking for legal support to advise the project team on identifying the best suitable business model and creating a scale-up strategy for the program, including the development of contract templates.

About EIT Innostars

The EIT Health InnoStars e.V. (hereinafter referred to as ‘InnoStars’) are regional clusters of EIT HealthAssociate Partners representing industry, academia, and health providers linked to four regions in four countries (Portugal, Hungary, Poland, Italy) eligible for Horizon Europe Widening Participation or ESIFfunds.InnoStars’ expertise in regional development opens new opportunities for EIT Health technologies and the resulting collaboration across cultures and backgrounds will enhance disruptive innovations. The knowledge and experience of the InnoStars as well as the diversity of their populations, associated lifestyles, regulatory frameworks, and healthcare systems will help overcome barriers to rolling out innovations across Europe. Each InnoStar will provide innovative infrastructures, funded by StructuralFund investments and made available for use by EIT Health. InnoStars’ testbeds and living labs will be able to test new ideas in a selection of EU regions with varied innovation capacities, each possessing differing governance and legal structures. The below map shows all EIT Health locations including those in InnoStars countries.

How to apply

If you are interested in this opportunity, please see details on how to apply in the below ’Request for proposal: Scale-up strategy (Legal)’ document

Proposals are requested to be emailed until 23:59 CET, 10 November 2021.