Open Innovation programme: Application for promoters

We are calling for industry (corporates, innovation procurers) and healthcare providers (hospitals, primary care units, private care residencies) to apply to become ‘promoters’ for our new ‘Open Innovation’ programme. Selected promoters will define together with EIT Health a healthcare challenge for innovators to solve through open innovation. Once our programme launches, promoters will provide world-class lectures, mentorship and training to selected participants to help them bring their ideas to life. 

Open innovation in healthcare is an approach that brings together different stakeholders in the healthcare industry, such as start-ups, corporates, patients, and hospitals, to collaborate on the development and implementation of new products, services, and technologies. This approach is designed to speed up the innovation process, increase efficiency, and reduce costs whilst also benefiting all individual stakeholders.

Our start-ups and short-medium enterprises (SMEs) bring innovative ideas and technologies to the fore. Corporates have the resources and expertise to bring these ideas to scale and align them with their business line activities, while hospitals have the expertise in providing healthcare.  

EIT Health is well positioned to connect all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, including key opinion leaders and agencies. Our organisation also provides expertise and services in market intelligence, need analysis and challenge formulation, design of implementation activities to proof value, scouting and evaluation of proposals, while providing methodologies and infrastructure to manage the programme. Together, we can solve some of Europe’s greatest healthcare challenges. 

Our goals through this programme are to:

  • Fast-track the implementation and procurement of transforming health solutions across European Healthcare Providers
  • Leverage the EIT Health ecosystem of public and private organisations to co-create the challenges, share knowledge/expertise and foster success.
  • Improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and work towards new models to deliver healthcare based on value.
  • Foster adoption of digital solutions and harmonise and expand the use of health data.

Join us in shaping tomorrow’s healthcare. Read more in the Promoter’s brochure.

Who should apply?

We are looking for a single application coming from a group of two entities from the same region who are interested in becoming promoters together with EIT Health. For example, an industry partner and a hospital.

Promoters should be willing to promote innovation development, co-design challenges and provide in-kind contributions. For example, by providing experts for consultation, evaluation, mentoring and lecturing. While EIT Health ensures the correct execution of the programme by covering the cost and personnel to run the programme Phase I. 

In return, promoter teams gain access and the potential to collaborate with Europe’s most promising companies.

Our programme operates synergistically with healthcare providers and corporates to identify and create added value to the start-ups, through diverse options, such as pilots, procurement of innovation, joint ventures and investment opportunities

At each cut-off we select two proposals, each composed of two organisations (four entities involved in total).

Should you be selected, you commit to the requirements of the programme and to contribute in kind to the programme by providing mentorship and coaching to the selected start-ups / SMEs under conditions of the Promoters Agreement.

Once selected, we will co-define the challenge and publish the call for innovation solutions to overcome the challenge.

How your application will be selected

Eligible proposals will be selected, based on the unmet need and problem description, the potential impact and the level of commitment.

EIT Health’s Executive Management Team will choose the final selection based on the following criteria:

  • Overall alignment with EIT Health Strategic Agenda
  • Overall portfolio balance
  • The overall budget available, and the approved distribution of the anticipated EIT budget across the portfolio, as approved by the EIT Health Supervisory Board.
  • Successful completion of an interview with a member of the Open Innovation team to ensure alignment and understanding of the programme 

How to apply

To apply, simply register to our application platform, access your account, and select the “Open Innovation Initiative: Application for promoters” application form. 

Applications can be submitted any time, but our next cut-off date is 15 September. Applications after that date will be considered for the next timeframe.

Interested in finding out more about becoming a promoter of the Open Innovation Programme? 

Contact your Collaboration Lead in your local CLC (contacts in the Promoters brochure). 

Our call for promoters is always open.   

Whilst the current cut-off is on 15 September, we welcome promoters to apply at any time. Should you not be selected, your idea can be considered for the next timeframe, and a colleague will contact you to discuss further collaboration opportunities.