31 January 2020

StarShip Fellowship Programme

StarShip fellowships offer a unique opportunity for participants to be involved in industry-driven life science innovation.

StarShip is an EIT Health educational initiative in collaboration with leading European academic, and health industry partners. Participants work together with innovators in highly skilled multidisciplinary teams.

The nine-week programme uses a blend of different educational approaches, including elements from Stanford Biodesign Concept. Participants learn from Europe’s top universities about the latest cutting edge technologies – and about developing and prototyping new solutions in a multidisciplinary and international team.

Starship targets anyone who is interested in innovation the health sector and has a relevant background in medicine, engineering, economics, business, design, public policy or similar field. EIT Health will sponsor the €15 000 tuition fee and a €3 000 travel grant (terms apply) for fellows who are selected.

To apply

Send your CV and a letter of motivation to starship@uc.pt by 31 January 2020.

More information: https://www.starship.eithealth.eu/