ACTIVEHIP+: Rehabilitating older people after a hip fracture


ACTIVEHIP+ is an educational and tele-rehabilitation programme for patients who have undergone surgery after suffering a hip fracture or have needed a hip replacement.

The programme provides advice and training for patients and caregivers to enhance functional recovery, favouring the patient’s independence to carry out daily activities and helping to improve their overall quality of life.

Accessible via an online platform and mobile app, the programme allows for more continuity of care through remote monitoring by healthcare providers, and gives patients and caregivers a more active role in the recovery process.

What you get

Curriculum details

The curriculum provides content for patients and caregivers, with additional bespoke content just for caregivers:

For patients and caregivers:

  • Hip fracture
  • Recovery process: Hospital stay
  • Recovery process: Returning home
  • Keys to physical and mental well-being
  • Prevention of falls and secondary fractures

For caregivers only:

  • Take care of yourself, caregiver!
  • Keys to physical and mental wellbeing for caregivers

Key details





Start date:

September 2021

Recruitment dates:

  • Spain (Andalusia) and Portugal – from March 2021
  • Spain (Catalonia) and Belgium – from May 2021

Healthcare professional recruitment dates:

  • For training on the ACTIVHIP+ programme – from May 2021

Who should apply

The programme is open to patients over 65 years old, with hip fracture and an informal caregiver.

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