BENEFIT: Innovation Fellowship

This one-year postgraduate fellowship, organised in Belgium and the Netherlands, brings together talents in engineering, medicine, design and business to co-create innovative solutions in healthcare.

The programme offers training in innovation and entrepreneurship in a real-life clinical setting, following the successful and widely used Biodesign methodology developed at Stanford University.

You will work with other fellows in interdisciplinary teams, to investigate clinical needs and develop solutions for those needs.

Applications are closed for 2021.

What you get

Curriculum details

The fellowship programme starts with an innovation bootcamp, where you will learn the Biodesign methodology and gain knowledge and tools in innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, design and healthcare systems and organisation. Then your team will work through the entire innovation process, starting with a two-month full-time clinical immersion, during which you will systematically identify innovation needs in one specific clinical area. The most pressing needs will be selected, and your team will develop a solution for that need and bring it to market.

Key details


Blended, with training online and in-person in Belgium and the Netherlands.


The programme is free of charge. You will not earn a stipend or salary and you must cover costs, including travel and accommodation between partner sites.`

Key dates:

  • Applications closed for 2021
  • Course Begins: September 2021
  • Graduation for 2021-22: Week of 6 June 2022
  • Recruitment for 2022-23: Spring 2022

Who should apply

You should be highly motivated to make a change in the future of healthcare and willing to found a start-up or create a business solution at the end of the programme. It would be preferable if you have professional experience with innovation projects, excellent communication and collaboration skills and a proven track record of teamwork.

You should possess at least four of the criteria below and describe all criteria in your motivation letter:

  • Relevant background, especially in medicine, business, engineering or design
  • MSc degree or a BSc degree, with professional experience
  • Demonstrable entrepreneurial aspirations
  • Availability onsite on a full-time basis during the programme
  • Fluent English and an understanding of Dutch
  • Proven track record of teamwork

Ready to apply?

Applications are closed for 2021.

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