DiGinnovation: Supporting digital health micro and small enterprises on their way to reimbursement

Are you wondering how to get your digital health app reimbursed in Europe?

The EIT Health DiGinnovation Programme aims to ease the reimbursement pathway and accelerate the uptake of digital health apps by healthcare professionals and patients.

The programme selects the top digital health micro and small enterprises that have a CE-marked digital health app and links them with exclusive partners from EIT Health’s network and beyond to create a consortium that will improve healthcare systems by expediting market launch of the digital health app while easing the reimbursement process.

Micro and Small Enterprises will have the opportunity to pitch in front of industry titans, form an international consortium, receive tailored support and receive funding for their projects in their way to reimbursement.

Applications to DiGinnovation are now open. Apply by 18 September 2024 and fast-track your digital health app’s success!

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Who should apply

Commercialising entities of the solution that:

  • Are a for-profit micro or small enterprise according to the EU definition.
  • Are legally incorporated in the EU or Horizon Europe-associated countries.
  • Have at least 2 paid FTEs working at the time of the short proposal submission.
  • Have a CEO working full-time in the company at the time of the short proposal submission.
  • Meet the requirements for the reimbursable app in the targeted market.
  • Have a CE-marked digital health device that is patient-centred and classified as class I-IIa, or in the case of France as the targeted market, also class IIb, at the time of the short proposal submission.
  • Are applying for at least €150,000 EIT Health grant.
  • Have a digital health device with maturity level IML7 (validation of solution) or IML8 (approval and launch) at the beginning of the project with the aim to move to reimbursement, and IML9 (clinical use) by a maximum 1 year following the end of the project, according to CIMIT Healthcare Innovation Cycle.
  • Applies alone at short proposal stage. Consortium is only expected at the full proposal stage.
  • At full proposal, the consortium must have at least one EIT Health member and must include participants residing in at least two eligible countries, participating through two different Co-Location Centres (CLCs).

Financial sustainability and revenue generation

EIT Health is committing to support the development of the selected micro and small enterprises by granting funds and in-kind contributions to support innovation activities of a project. In return, EIT Health shall participate in the enterprise by way of receiving options to assume shares in the enterprise upon the occurrence of pre-defined Exit Events.

The commercial entity is required to formulate a proposal that aligns with the stipulated requirements outlined in this call. Intellectual Property is owned by the consortium.

The “Grant to Options” model is designated as the financial sustainable model for micro and small enterprises responsible for introducing the product or service to the market. Please find further information about the “Grant to Options” model here.

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Applications to DiGinnovation are now open. Apply by 18 September 2024 and fast-track your digital health app’s success!

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EIT Health Flagships

The DiGinnovation programme is an activity included in the EIT Health’s Flagship Call BP2024. For more information on the call and the programme, please visit EIT Health Flagships.