HALIGN: Making high value care solutions a reality

The implementation of successful high-value care solutions requires strong stakeholder management and solid implementation plans.

The HALIGN course provides an understanding of how the different stakeholders’ perspectives should be aligned across the healthcare ecosystem, as well as the knowledge and tools required to achieve this.

HALIGN uses a simulation game to cover a wide spectrum of the complex health ecosystem. The game encourages participants to find possible solutions to a specific challenge, and to identify how they can work together with key stakeholders to apply these solutions. Ultimately, the game participants develop a well-rounded approach to implement high value care solutions.

This course has received an average satisfaction rate of 4.89 out of 5 in its past editions, and 100% of participants recognised acquiring new skills thanks to HALIGN. Become a part of our success.

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Introducing HALIGN

What you get

Curriculum details

HALIGN equips healthcare transformers with skills including communications, how to manage and lead change, critical and integrative thinking, leadership, health system awareness and negotiation in an integrative and immersive way.

These skills are not taught separately, but they are embedded in finding a valuable solution for a particular health challenge through interaction and collaboration with the most important players in the health system.

The content and delivery format, including the simulation, are designed to allow participants to:

  • Comprehend the complexity of health systems, and how different actions can help change it
  • Practice how to interact with different stakeholders and motivate them
  • Explore the different roles and motivations of the health system players
  • Explore working with a whole health ecosystem in a safe mode
  • Test different scenarios for specific interventions at an ecosystem level
  • Test potential decisions/actions in a safe environment prior to implementation

Key details


  • In-Person: The course requires preparatory self-paced work before attending the course, including videos, readings and case preparations
  • Participants are asked to bring a multi-stakeholder challenge they might be facing (optional)


  • IESE Business School, Barcelona

Key dates:

  • Course dates: 20-22 November – Preparation materials will be sent 2 weeks in advance


  • €400

HALIGN course average satisfaction: 4.89 out of 5
100% of participants recognize having learned new skills

Who should apply

HALIGN is aimed at healthcare transformers who need to develop an understanding of how the health ecosystem works, who the main players are and what motivates them:

  • Groups of managers from large hospitals
  • Entrepreneurs of promising start-ups
  • Executives in organisations
  • Patient representatives
  • Professionals sharing a common need to better navigate the healthcare innovation ecosystem for successful implementation of high value solutions.

Participants should have between 5-10 years of working experience in the health innovation and/or entrepreneurship sector.

Ready to apply?

Applications to HaLIGN are currently closed. If you are interested in this programme register to our newsletter to receive information for similar opportunities.

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Partners and sponsors

External Partners:

  • Hiris Innovation Technologies
  • Foro Español de Pacientes
  • Rijnstate Hospital

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