Healthy and Active Ageing Bootcamp

EIT Health’s Healthy and Active Ageing Bootcamp provides the tools to health entrepreneurs to validate their businesses in the area of longevity and active ageing.

In this two-month programme, you’ll receive custom business training focused on specific ageing issues and the longevity market. You’ll validate your innovation with target-user groups, interacting with independent living, care homes, and other relevant groups. During the final event, you’ll be able to establish partnerships with industry key players so that you can take your solution to market.

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20 April – 27 June
Don’t miss the deadline! Apply by 27 June 2022. Tell us all about your company, team, product/service and what makes it so special.

Preparation Phase

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August: Online
After getting selected, start-ups go through mentoring and preparation to ensure that all participants have a concise understanding of the programme’s timeline, objectives, and workload.

Module 1: Business Training Module

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29 August – 2 September: Online
Start-ups receive a custom business training by Trinity College Dublin tackling specific ageing issues and examples of the longevity market

Module 2: Validation

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15-16 September: Online
19 – 21 September: Lodz, Poland

Start-ups will focus on validation with target user groups by dealing with user needs and interacting with independent living, care homes and other relevant groups.

Module 3: Commercialisation & Stakeholder Engagement

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10 – 14 October: Coimbra, Portugal
Start-ups will focus on certification and commercialisation process by establishing partnerships through the final event.

Who should apply?

We’re looking for patients, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, start-ups and SMEs that:

  • Are addressing business opportunities in healthy and active ageing
  • Have innovations that need validation with end-users
  • Have a CIMIT Maturity Innovation Level of 5-6 or a TRL 4-5
  • Are registered in a Horizon Europe country
  • Have not been involved in other EIT Health programme

Any questions?

Webinars are a great opportunity to hear from the Healthy and Active Ageing Bootcamp Team and ask all your questions:

  • 18 May at 11 AM CET
  • 15 June at 11 AM CET

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Applying to this programme is simple. Just go to our application portal, create an account, and fill out the Healthy & Active Ageing Bootcamp form. Don’t forget to submit the application before 27 June.

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