HelloAI RIS: Introducing medical professionals to AI


The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dramatically altering the healthcare profession. This course helps medical professionals gain the skills they need to adapt to future changes in the healthcare field.

HelloAI RIS programme fills the knowledge gap about the practical aspects of the adoption of AI in academic medicine programme curriculums. With the involvement of healthcare professionals, the courses of the programme are built upon their knowledge, expertise and identified needs. Demystify the world of AI, explore the medical applications of technology and learn how to apply it and boost it in your professional performance.

Apply to the HelloAI Advanced RIS or HelloAI Professional RIS courses to excel your skills in AI in Healthcare.

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What you get


HelloAI Advanced – RIS

This programme provides the missing pieces of understanding AI’s role and its endless healthcare industry opportunities. Get trained for the terms and application possibilities of AI in healthcare and gain insights into how AI can empower medical professionals. This programme adresses:

  • Medical and IT students
  • Young professionals and researchers
  • Young entrepreneurs having and ambition to enter the digital health field
  • People who are not skilled in programming nor advanced medicing


HelloAI Professional – RIS

The programme provides a comprehensive guidance for the senior healthcare and healthcare IT professionals who want to get empowered to drive successful AI projects and realize benefits of the AI technology. This programme is tailored for specialists who work at the forefront of projects where AI meets the clinical application, such as:

  • Practicing radiologists
  • Medical imaging specialists
  • Healthcare IT professionals and researchers
  • Practicing professionals skilled either in medicine or informatics

Key details


  • Blended

Key dates:

  • HelloAI Advanced – RIS
    • Course completion period: 27 May –  Extended to 30 November)
  • HelloAI Professional – RIS
    • Course completion period: 30 May – 30 November


  • The programme will feature full scholarship opportunities based on the eligibility for RIS scholarship and the motivation you share in the registration questionnaire.
  • Administration fee of the enrolment to the HelloAI Professional RIS programme is 10 EUR, enrollment to the HelloAI Advanced is free

Who should apply

This programme is for you if you fit any of the target audiences mentioned on each of the  programmes above.

HelloAI RIS Programmes target the citizens  of the countries included in the EIT Health Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS), one of the flagship programmes to close the gap between the most advanced regions and the regions that are achieving innovation at a more moderate pace. The course aims to engage talents from Central, Eastern or Southern European regions and build a community of experts who are fluent in the possibilities of AI, and are equipped with future-needed skills and marketable EIT Health certificate.

Ready to apply?

Check eligibility criteria and conditions for RIS scholarship here.

Apply for the selected programme, and make sure you share your motivation to join the course in detail by answering the related question of the application form:

HelloAI Advanced RIS – Application
HelloAI Professional RIS – Application

Your motivation should cover your interest in studying AI in healthcare. This topic can be approached from various perspectives. Please focus on your academic interest in the field and any personal or professional experience that you have. Applicants will be notified of their enrollment status via email.

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