Introducing medical professionals to AI

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dramatically altering the healthcare profession. This course helps medical professionals gain the skills they need to adapt to future changes in the healthcare field.

Experts and medical communities agree that courses on technologies such as AI are still missing from most academic medicine programmes’ curriculums, but health professional would highly welcome them to advance this field. HelloAI RIS Online programme fills this gap by addressing the bottleneck of AI’s application – the lack of information and insights about this technological advancement.

The programme’s syllabus is easy to follow, also for people who are not skilled in programming nor advanced medicine. It will provide the missing pieces of understanding AI’s role and its endless healthcare industry opportunities. Students will be trained for the terms and application possibilities of AI in healthcare and gain insights into how AI can empower medical professionals.

HelloAI RIS started in 2018 as an EIT Health-supported education activity driven by GE Healthcare for medical professionals and since then had organized expert training for 800+ students from across Europe in Stockholm, Barcelona and Budapest in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (KTH), LEITAT Technology Centre Barcelona.

With the involvement of healthcare professionals, the programme is built upon their knowledge, expertise and identified needs and focusses on:

  • Demystifying the world of AI;
  • Teaching the language behind ML;
  • Exploring additional medical applications of AI;
  • Applying and boosting professional performance.
Is it for me?

HelloAI RIS Online targets participants from the countries included in the EIT Health Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS), one of the flagship programmes to close the gap between the most advanced regions and the regions that are achieving innovation at a more moderate pace. The course aims to engage talents from Central, Eastern or Southern European regions and build a community of experts who are fluent in the possibilities of AI, and are equipped with future-needed skills and marketable EIT Health certificate.

HelloAI RIS Online is suitable for university students (medical, engineering, business faculties), young researchers and health professionals coming from EIT Health RIS regions, who are interested in exploring innovative solutions for more affordable and accessible healthcare systems.

Course Dates

The course will run from 21 June to 30 August 2021.

How to apply
  1. Fill in the application here
  2. Send us your updated CV/resume and cover letter to

Your cover letter should be 400-500 words stating your interest in studying AI in healthcare. This topic can be approached from various perspectives. Please focus on your academic interest in the field and any personal or professional experience that you have.

Applicants will be notified of their enrollment status via email.

Selection Process

Students will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis, with an additional waiting list option. Applicants with previous relevant experience and current interest that best matches the multidisciplinary team’s vision will be prioritized.

The relation to a RIS country will be assessed: whether the applicant has a RIS country’s citizenship or will be enrolled in an education programme or employed in a RIS country during the time of the programme.

RIS countries include Estonia, Latvia Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal. Applications from other European countries will not be automatically excluded: the enrolment will depend on the availability of free spaces.


The programme will feature full scholarship opportunities based on your survey, CV and cover letter.

Not from a RIS country?

Another programme will be launched later this year that is not limited to applicants from the RIS countries: HelloAI Professional. This programme will include the same HelloAI RIS Online curriculum plus more advanced educational experience in AI. HelloAI Professional will be tailored for specialists who work at the forefront of projects where AI meets the clinical application: practising radiologists, medical imaging specialists, healthcare IT professionals and researchers.

Viktoria Katona
| Activity Lead | GE Healthcare