Schools@Once: Training European teachers to integrate health in the school day


If you are a preschool and kindergarten teacher, this online programme will equip you with the knowledge, skills and motivation you need to create healthy habits among children aged 3-6, so that they grow up to be healthy adults.

The platform provides you with a top-class, 360-degree, holistic approach to health through tailored, self-assessed training that allows you to move at your own pace. You will need about 15 hours to cover the training modules, excluding self-study.

Registrations open in January 2022.

What you get

Curriculum details

The content and design of this training was developed using a co-creation process with teachers, parents, health professionals and academic experts.

Each health topic is divided into microcapsules:

    • Hygiene focuses on topics such as healthy teeth, clean hands, body hygiene, body posture, and a clean and tidy classroom.
    • Nutrition focuses on topics such as a healthy lifestyle, educating the palate, social dimensions of good food, water as the best drink, and healthy family habits.
    • Emotional health focuses on identifying what other children feel through their words, gestures and speech to recognise their feelings and understand their actions.
  • Physical activity focuses on the physical education class, recreational time, reducing sedentary time, and movement through daily routines including the rest of the day and weekends.

Key details




15 hours, excl. self-study

Key dates:

  • September 2021: Pilot in France, Spain and the Netherlands
  • January 2022: Platform open for involvement of teachers from France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Who should apply

The Schools@Once curriculum is designed for teachers of children aged 3-6 years old in France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Meet the team


External Partners:

  • Lifelong Learning Institute of the University of Barcelona, IL3-UB