Start-Ups Meet Healthcare Providers

Calling on European start-ups to develop innovative healthcare solutions to selected, real-life challenges identified by healthcare providers.

The programme matches the start-ups behind the innovative solutions with leading healthcare providers in their national healthcare systems. Together you will develop and fine-tune your solution to best meet the challenge, before you test it in the daily practices of the healthcare provider’s operations.

Applications to the 2022 edition will be opening soon, stay tuned!

What you get

2021 Challenges

The 2021 healthcare challenges came from healthcare providers in Germany and Latvia. Read through the 2021 challenges below:

Developing online spaces for young patients and their families to interact

Children’s University Hospital Latvia

Online health communities can offer an efficient way to collect information on unmet medical or social needs, help visualise shared problems in specific groups, facilitate patient engagement, and help form key opinions.

We’re looking for digital tools that can help provide a safe communication space for families, patients, and other stakeholders such as patient and family councils. These platforms should allow for secure interactions between relevant parties and provide data protection possibilities based on individual needs.

Integrating telematic infrastructures into standard of care

Diakonie Baden-Württemberg

We’re looking for innovative solutions that allow for communication and handling of data between companies and organisations, fulfilling all necessary medical and regulatory standards.

The ideal solution will be a health app that can be approved as a medical device in several (partial) products according to MDR and integrated into standard care via reimbursement. The solution must ensure secure communication and the protection of sensitive data at TI in the long term, and should consider medical standards and terminologies, like the HL7 FHIR standard, among others.

Tools to identify, monitor and optimize patients’ medication adherence

University Hospital Centre Sisters of Charity

Failure to adhere to prescribed medication regimens is one of the principal reasons patients don’t achieve the expected outcomes from their treatment.

We are looking for an innovative tool, technology solution (e.g. pillboxes, inhalers, injection pens, tracking devices) or applications for easy identifying, monitoring and optimizing patients’ adherence and feedback to the physician. This tool should be able to identify non- adherent patients, support their adherence, have the possibility to report a suspected adverse reaction, and provide timely online feedback/report to their physician, nurse and/or pharmacist.

Programme modules

Module 1

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Tailored entrepreneurship and market access workshops to learn about different tools and methods to successfully build businesses

Module 2

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Workshops from healthcare providers involved in the programme on how to collaborate with big players in the market.

Module 3

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Visits to selected healthcare providers involved in the programme to discuss collaboration opportunities.

Module 4

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Demo Day where Start-Ups pitch in front of healthcare providers representatives, investors, EIT Health partners and stakeholders.

Who should apply

Applicants should have a solution with a proof of concept, market validation and prototype that matches one of the challenges from the healthcare providers above.

The programme is free to apply, but your company must be based in one of the Horizon Europe countries.

Any questions?

To learn more about the programme and find out if it is right for you, you can watch one of our recorded Start-ups Meet Healthcare Provider webinars from 2021’s edition:

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Ready to Apply

Applications to the 2022 edition will be opening soon, stay tuned for more information.