Start-Ups Meet Healthcare Providers

Calling on European start-ups to develop innovative healthcare solutions to selected, real-life challenges identified by healthcare providers.

This programme matches the start-ups behind the innovative solutions with leading healthcare providers in their national healthcare systems. Together you will develop and fine-tune your solution to best meet the challenge, before you test it in the daily practices of the healthcare provider’s operations.

Applications for this programme are now closed.<

What you get

2022 Challenges

The 2022 healthcare challenges came from healthcare providers in Spain and Estonia. Read through the 2022 challenges below:

Autonomous hospital cleaning solutions

Tartu University Hospital

Cleaning and disinfecting hospital rooms is time-consuming and requires extra knowledge.

Tartu University Hospital is eager to explore autonomous hospital cleaning solutions that can save time and costs for the hospital staff. They are looking for innovative, creative and environmentally friendly autonomous cleaning solutions, such as robotic devices, but also other products that could assist humans in the hospital rooms cleaning and disinfection process. The solution should be able to manouver in tight spaces, wet and dry clean and also disinfect different surfaces.

Big Data and AI for wearables' data analysis and personalised health recommendations generation


Sanitas Connected Health Programme enables customers to share data collected by their wearables and connected devices so that Sanitas can help them live healthier lives.

Sanitas would like to implement Big Data and AI tools to analyse this data, obtain insights and automatically generate health recommendations. This would allow Sanitas to scale up the service and reach more customers, help their health professionals in the diagnosis and decision-making processes, and improve the digital solutions they offer to their health insurance customers.

Programme modules

Module 1 - Meet & Learn

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2 - 13 May
Up to fifteen workshops by top-notch speakers on different tools and methods to successfully build your company.

Module 2 - Meet & Pitch

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20 - 30 June
Up to five-hour of workshops by healthcare providers on how to collaborate with big players in the market and 1-on-1 pitch sessions.

Module 3 - Meet & Visit

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8 - 15 July
Up to two-hour visit to the premises of the healthcare providers and meeting internal decision-makers to discuss collaboration opportunities.

Module 4 - Meet & Win

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September 2022
Fifteen minutes pitch in front of external HCP representatives for some extra visibility.

Who should apply

To apply your company must:


  • Be an established legal entityand based in any Horizon Europe country.
  • Have a validated proof of concept, market validation and prototype that addresses one of the challenges released by the healthcare providers
  • Be available throughout the whole duration of the programme, if selected

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