YEAH: Engaging young people in clinical research


If you are a high school teacher or a facilitator of a Young Person’s Advisory Group working in a pediatric hospital, the Youngster Engagement in Health Science (YEAH) programme is for you!

The online programme provides a unique approach to find the next generation of young innovators in health. Offering high school students and patient advocates the opportunity to understand how health and science projects come to life in clinical trials and medical devices.

The programme is designed to educate our young citizens and patient advocates through several modules focusing on critical thinking in clinical trial and medical devices.

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What you get

Curriculum details

The programme includes two levels with different modules, each with a focus on critical thinking:

LEVEL 1: clinical trials

  1. Designing research projects with young people
  2. Co-creating research protocols with young people
  3. Quality of life and patient reported outcomes
  4. Clinical trial information for young people

LEVEL 2: medical devices

  1. Co-design of protocols
  2. Patient Experience Measures
  3. Science communication

Key details


  • Online toolkit with educational resources for teachers or YPAGs facilitators


  • Free


  • Competence in English or Spanish required

Who should apply

The programme is open to:

  • High school teachers and facilitators 
  • Members of a Young Person’s Advisory Group
  • Groups of young patient experts from 12 to 18 years old with interest in science

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The KIDS Barcelona group is the young person’s advisory group of Sant Joan de Déu Children’s Hospital in Barcelona (Spain). Is funder member of eYPAGnet (European YPAGs network) and part of the global initiative ICAN (International Children’s Advisory Network).

The project consists of a group of children and teenagers who act as a Scientific Council in our hospital. The members of Kids Barcelona are involved in the processes of comprehension, communication and improvement of the medical innovation’s methods that impact children and teenagers, ensuring, in this way, the voice of the children and their families within the medicine, research and innovation.

Find out more about KIDS Barcelona.

Partners and sponsors

External Partners:

  • University of Liverpool