Getting people active after a hip fracture

Coming back from a hip fracture can be a long and difficult process. ACTIVEHIP is an educational programme to support people recovering from hip fractures.


ACTIVEHIP provides training to help people recover from hip fractures, a process that is known to be challenging: one year after a hip fracture, 80% of patients are still limited in their daily activities.

Co-designed with existing patients, caregivers, sport scientists and doctors, the programme specifically aims to help prevent secondary fractures. It is a remote tool, monitored by healthcare professionals, that extends the assistance people receive after they leave hospital.

The programme includes a selection of videos with carefully chosen exercises that people in recovery can follow, as well as expert recommendations on nutrition, medication and how to set-up an appropriate environment for the best possible rehabilitation.  Through the programme, users can also participate in video conferences with others recovering from fractures as well as caregivers and specialist healthcare professionals.

External partner

Fundación para la Investigación Biosanitaria  de Andalucía Oriental (FIBAO)

María Patrocinio Ariza Vega
| Activity Lead | SAS