Training and support to avoid a dyspnea crisis

Dyspnea, or shortness of breath, is a major problem faced by people with chronic respiratory disease. CALMA empowers learners to control their dyspnea and reduce hospital visits.


Conventional approaches to treating dyspnea focus on drugs, especially during visits to the emergency room. CALMA, co-created with patients, offers training and support tools to help people with dyspnea control the condition, along with the support of caregivers.

The first edition of CALMA involved two educational programmes: BRACE, to train patients and their carers how to manage dyspnea, and REACT, to train specialist COPD teams in hospital on the post-crisis discharge protocol.

CALMA2 seeks to:

  • incorporate feedback to improve BRACE and REACT;
  • test the programmes in new clinical scenarios, including hospitals serving broad territorial areas;
  • perform in-field evaluations of the digital programmes.

CALMA is expected to contribute to a long-term reduction in ER visits and hospital admissions, saving European healthcare systems a projected €170,000 per year.

MD PhD Joan Escarrabill
| Director Chronic Care Programme | Hospital Clínic - Barcelona