Common European Master’s Course in Biomedical Engineering

Development of a successful medical device requires knowledge in a range of fields and involves a complex innovation journey. CEMACUBE provides the skills and connections to complete that journey.


The CEMACUBE Master’s in Biomedical Engineering, an EIT labelled programme, provides students with skills to realise a medical device that can solve a pressing health challenge. Students work in co-creation with the stakeholders, including patients, medical professionals and members of the healthcare industry, to develop prototypes and test them in real-life.

The programme was formed by five universities that provide excellent scientific content using innovative pedagogies. A compulsory change of university after the first year provides international mobility. Industry experts also participate, providing guest lectures and offering internships that make it easier for students to move from academia to entrepreneurship.

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Prof. Bart Verkerke
| Technical-Scientific director SPRINT | University Medical Center Groningen