Through the Degree Programmes activity line, EIT Health develops and supports pan-European Master and Doctoral programmes that deliver innovation and entrepreneurship skills in areas relevant to EIT Health.


The current portfolio of EIT Health Degree programmes consists of six EIT-labelled degrees and two programmes in development.

Degree programmes with the EIT label:

Degree Programmes in development:

The strategic themes

The Degree Programmes activity line fosters collaboration between EIT Health academic and non-academic partners to develop Master and Doctoral programmes around four strategic themes:

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Healthy Living and Active Ageing
  • Technological Innovation for Health
  • Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Health and Medical Data Analytics

Regular workshops are organised by the moderators of each working group to spur collaborative degrees.

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The EIT Label

The EIT Health Degree Programmes activity line also works to obtain the EIT Label for its programmes. The EIT awards the EIT Label to Master and Doctoral programmes combining excellent scientific education with innovation and entrepreneurship training. EIT-Labelled degrees encourage innovative pedagogies and also incorporate mandatory mobility schemes for students.

Graduates of EIT-Labelled degrees form the next generation of health innovators.

Video: 2019 graduation ceremony for EIT-Labelled Master’s programmes


Video: Celebrating 1st graduates of EIT Health’s EIT-Labelled Master’s programmes


Video: Claire Nassiet of EIT Health discussing the EIT Labelling initiative

Marie Duboc
| Activity Line Coordinator Degree Programmes | Sorbonne Université