Epidemiology of Ageing and Dementia Prevention, PhD Label

The challenges of caring for Europe’s ageing population require a new kind of specialist. This PhD programme produces gerontology experts with innovation and entrepreneurship skills.


EIT Health Ageing PhD School (Ageing@EITHealth) is a pan-European collaboration of EIT Health academic and non-academic partners working to train a new generation of PhD specialists in gerontology, neuroscience and epidemiology – while also giving them solid innovation and entrepreneurship competencies.

In 2020, Ageing@EITHealth targets the ageing brain through Ageing@EITHealth_Brain. This international, cross-sectoral programme is based on accredited PhD core programmes complemented with robust EIT Health-based innovation and entrepreneurship training. It involves a multi-university portfolio of advanced teaching in brain ageing, as well as international mobility and co-mentorship of each PhD thesis in universities, hospitals and companies. The programme fosters competence-based and student-centred learning by doing, following the guidelines of the EIT Quality Assurance and Learning Model, Overarching Learning Outcomes. The partnership represents a true integration of the knowledge triangle to support healthy living of citizens and to create tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

External partner
João Malva
| Research Coordinator | Universidade de Coimbra