Patient training in medicines R&D

EUPATI offers patients and patient advocates expert-level training in medical research and development. EUPATI RELOAD aims to increase both its effectiveness and reach.


The EUPATI Patient Expert Training Course mixes online and in-person training over a 14-month period to give patients and patient advocates advanced knowledge of the research and development pathway for medicines. The goal is to increase the level of knowledge in the patient community, not just in Europe but around the world.

EUPATI RELOAD aims to adapt the current training to cater for each learner’s needs, making the course more accessible and sustainable.

A key step is to repackage the existing six modules into up to 30 shorter modules, which means they can be offered in a format similar to the popular Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) found on learning platforms such as Coursera. Another improvement will be to enhance the e-learning elements of the face-to-face programme by using experiential and problem-based learning.

External partner

European Patients Forum

Matthias Gottwald
| Activity Lead | Bayer