Transversal programme in medical image postprocess, training professionals: 3D printing to research

Advances in the fields of 3D image-prints, virtual technologies and artificial intelligence promise improvements to healthcare. EXPERT3D will train a new type of professional to realise this promise.


EXPERT3D offers an innovative training programme to give health-related professionals the theoretical and practical knowledge they need to use disruptive new imaging technologies for diagnosis.

The EXPERT3D course will enable professionals to perform post-processing of the radiological image for healthcare and research – employing advances like 3D image-prints, virtual technologies and artificial intelligence. These technologies have fostered the merger of engineering and medicine, creating a demand for professionals with new skills that unite the two disciplines.

EXPERT3D will provide the students with the training needed, gathering multidisciplinary instructors with years of practical experience in post-processing of the medical image, planned surgery, 3D printing and use of the image for research.

This is the first programme on medical imaging for diagnosis that targets not only clinicians, but also bioengineers, computer scientists, senior technicians in diagnostics imaging and other medical specialists. Given the range of specialties involved, learners will not be required to have prior computer programming knowledge, though those with that knowledge will be guided to understand the basics of 3D imaging and to develop AI algorithms for image processing.


Registration for the Heidelberg, Coimbra and Riga Editions is open until 21 September 2020.

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External partner
  • Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
Josep Munuera,MD, PhD
| Head Of Quality, Research And Innovation | Hospital Sant Joan de Déu