Pop-up Incubator training for start-ups

Start-ups seeking investment need to give a detailed explanation of their financial situation. This programme offers intensive training to provide healthcare start-ups the finance literacy they need.


The Finance Booster Mini Programme offers healthcare start-ups a valuable overview in finance literacy, providing mentoring as well as consulting-based support to help companies prepare for their next funding rounds. The programme provides both an online lecture format in connection with relevant case-studies, as well as one-on-one support.

The economic volatility caused by the COVID-19 crisis means it is more important than ever that start-ups understand and can discuss finances in detail. This programme is designed to help start-ups prepare for negotiations so they can achieve their next milestone.

Content of the programme

The following topics will be reviewed in a lecture format:

  • Valuation methods for healthcare start-ups.
  • Term sheets.
  • How to stack up figures in a Business Plan.

After each lecture, there will be one-on-one sessions with mentors from the EIT Health Mentoring and Coaching Network.

The training sessions will be hands-on with case studies provided by the start-ups, anonymised and adapted for teaching purposes. The sessions will foster group work.

At the end of the programme, EIT Health Accelerator will offer a free, informative webinar session on EIT Health Accelerator Programmes.

The Pop-up Incubator Series

This programme comprises the 2020 edition of EIT Health’s Pop-up Incubator Series, remedial trainings for healthcare start-ups that aim to strengthen the EIT Health community by providing access to both bite-sized and also in-depth trainings for healthcare start-ups.


Start-ups pay €1,900 to participate in the entire series. A discount of up to €1,000 will be given to the top five start-ups that apply for a discount, fill out a project plan, interact in the lectures, and make the most progress.

Further information and application

Download this document for further information.

Apply by 28 September 2020 at this link.

Ayşe Tolunay
The Accelerator Community | Activity Lead | EIT Health