Future Skills for Digital Transformation

Digital technology will eliminate some healthcare tasks, but it should not reduce the workforce. This course teaches healthcare staff the new skills they need to continue contributing to better healthcare.


FutureSkillSet is focused on the challenge of ensuring that existing healthcare staff learn the new skills they need to stay employed during digitalisation, so that there will not be mass unemployment and service disruption. Over half of all healthcare jobs will be dramatically changed or made obsolete by novel digital technologies, and a raft of additional skills will be required to handle new roles. The FutureSkillSet involves an innovative curriculum that prepares staff at the forefront of healthcare delivery in hospitals, communities and industry to handle concepts such as agile development, machine learning, data analytics and blockchain. The initial focus of this course is on managerial, administrative and IT staff, who will be the first to encounter and manage change. The course is offered in a blended learning format, which combines online modules from the best experts in the field with face-to-face peer learning.

Armin Ritter
| Activity Lead | Fraunhofer