Introducing medical professionals to AI

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dramatically altering the healthcare profession. This course helps medical professionals gain the skills they need to adapt to future changes in the healthcare field.


This course helps medical professionals gain the skills they need to adapt to the changes in healthcare that are caused by increasing reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The healthcare profession, especially in fields like radiology and pathology, is being changed through the use of AI. Based on a previous, successful EIT Health summer course called HelloAI, this programme will introduce participants to basic knowledge of how AI can power healthcare and empower healthcare professionals.

This year, the programme targets participants from the countries included in the EIT Health Regional Innovation Scheme, one of the flagship programmes to close the gap between the most advanced regions and the regions that are achieving innovation at a more moderate pace. The course aims to to engage talents from Central, Eastern or Southern European regions and build a community of experts who are fluent in the possibilities of AI, and are equipped with future-needed skills and marketable EIT Health certificate.

Is it for me?

HelloAIRIS is suitable for university students (medical, engineering, business faculties) coming from EIT Health RIS regions, who are interested in exploring innovative solutions for more affordable and accessible healthcare systems. The programme will raise awareness of practicing healthcare professionals from EIT Health RIS regions, and make them into ambassadors of innovative technologies.


Following a successful first edition in 2020, a second edition of the course will run in October and November 2020. Register here by 30 September 2020 to participate.

Barbara Panczel
| Activity Lead | GE Healthcare