Innovation Days

Competition among student teams from a range of disciplines encourages a new generation of health innovators. I-Days educate and inspire university students to tackle Europe’s healthcare challenges.


Innovation Days (I-Days) promote health innovation among university students through dozens of one-to-two-day programmes held at academic institutions around Europe. Students receive an introduction to practical health innovation tools and compete in multidisciplinary teams to tackle real-life health challenges posed by EIT Health projects, local organisations and private corporations.

Crucial elements of I-Days include design thinking training, pitch coaching, citizen engagement and industry involvement. Students from all academic areas can participate in the multidisciplinary teams, to bring the full potential of ideas and approaches to the real-life challenges. Along with the team competition for exciting prizes, i-Days feature relevant inspirational speakers and impressive judging panels, who contribute expertise. Teams that win the various university competitions will attend the Winners Event, a final competition that unites students from around Europe and provides opportunities to continue developing ideas and skills. I-Days teach students about the EIT Health mission, promote other EIT Health activities and encourage students to join the Alumni Network.

Filippos Filippidis
| Lecturer in Public Health | Imperial College London