Clinicians and doctors are well-placed to identify healthcare needs and innovative solutions. This instrument helps their innovations make it to market, for the benefit of patients.

INNOV-DOCTOR is an EIT Health instrument designed to help clinicians and doctors share healthcare innovations and bring them to the market.

Through their daily practice, clinicians and doctors are the ideal stakeholders to identify health needs. They are well-placed to detect opportunities, and are well acquainted with barriers preventing the adoption of new solutions proposed by colleagues or patients. As successful EIT Health projects have shown, this knowledge can be leveraged to deliver innovation. But, since innovation is not always their primary goal, not enough doctors and clinicians take advantage of their potential to bring new ideas into wider use, so that more patients can benefit.

INNOV-DOCTOR bridges the gap

INNOV-DOCTOR is the EIT Health instrument to bridge the gap between clinical needs that are identified by practicing doctors and clinicians and innovative solutions for those needs. It works by:

  • Supporting clinicians and doctors to put into the market their innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Growing the European community of Clinical Ambassadors to facilitate doctors to share success stories, good practices and innovation pathways, promoting their role as innovators/entrepreneurs.
  • Offering EIT Health to be the operational branch of EU medical societies for innovation, acceleration and training.
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