One of the strategic priorities of EIT Health’s Campus is innovation in health education, and in education itself. Innovative Education activities will educate health innovators – as well as the workforce of the future and citizens – through innovative pedagogy, methodology, formats, technology and the like.

Innovative education activities explore new, disruptive elements and topics, in order to innovate education in health. Through these novel activities, learners of these educational activities:


  • Gain practical knowledge and skills related to EIT Health’s first two Focus Areas: Bringing Care Home and Value Data in Clinical and Non-Clinical settings.
  • Gain knowledge and skills that learners can apply to disrupt healthcare within the chosen theme or topic.
  • Are empowered to develop and create innovative products and services within the chosen theme or topic.
  • Are empowered to turn an idea into a start-up venture within the chosen theme or topic.
  • Gain knowledge and skills across all pillars of EIT Health: Campus, Accelerator and Innovation Projects have the potential to share cross-pillar synergies.