EIT Health Education Intrapreneurship activities bring together our academic and non-academic partners to develop programmes that will help create a new generation of “intrapreneurs”, who can promote innovation from inside their organisations

Intrapreneurs are usually employees in the health industry or healthcare providers – people with the mind-set, skills and abilities needed to implement innovations within their companies. Intrapreneurship programmes will lead mid-level or top-level employees of non-academic, industry and healthcare providers to drive health innovations that are in line with their organisations’ strategic objectives.

The EIT Health Education Intrapreneurship activity line is implemented in collaboration with the EIT Health Accelerator, our business creation programme.

Intrapreneurship activities are part of the EIT Health Education Strategic Initiatives activity line. For 2019, the Intrapreneurship line features one activity:


  • Health IMPACT: Health Intrapreneurship Management Programme: Accelerator of Creativity in interdisciplinary Teams