Mobility and Active Ageing

Keeping active in older age is important. This programme trains innovators to develop solutions that promote active ageing.


The course aims to train learners from different professional fields to design, develop, and implement support, or health and functional independence promotion solutions for people with reduced mobility or at risk of mobility reduction. Mobility and Active Ageing programme is designed to provide the learners with skills viewing the promotion of Mobility and Active Ageing, considering different conditions related with health, disability, and ageing, through solutions based on policies, services, or products. The online course is organised by the University of Lisbon – EIT Health Partner in Portugal. The programme consists of eight modules, divided into theoretical sessions, with tutorial as well as practical ones. Mentoring is also provided.

How to apply?

Apply by 25 June 2020 through this link. For more information about the application process, please click here. Note that the tuition fee to participate in the course is €150.

Fátima Baptista
Associate Professor | | University of Lisbon