The MedTech Bootcamp is a five-week training programme for European teams to build skills during the early stages of launching their start-ups.


By the end of the programme, start-up teams that go through the MedTech Bootcamp will emerge with a clear and valid proof of concept to support their launch onto the European market. Experts will actively engage with the teams to accelerate their business ventures. The MedTech Bootcamp uses “problem finding” to: build on insights acquired through customer discovery work, generate multiple solution candidates, develop prototypes, and get feedback on those prototypes through user-testing. Solutions will be refined following the lean start-up approach and design thinking. Supplementary training includes business model design, validation, storytelling and assembly of an effective pitch deck.

Is it for me?

Early entrepreneurs, graduate students and professionals with a start-up idea in medical technology will receive training in business model design and validation, including tailored mentoring from medical doctors, industry representatives and regulatory professionals.

Topics include:

  • The new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR)
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Management and Finance
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Start-up teams will put what they have learned directly into practice and will be critically challenged by their peers and coaches during pitching sessions.

The journey

The programme will include:

Four weeks in Germany: Three weeks at FAU and one week at UnternehmerTUM will provide teams with an overview of the challenges they will encounter from the beginning in the healthcare market. Tailored coaching with dedicated mentors will guide entrepreneurs in finding concrete options to save money and time when they launch and compete on the European MedTech market.

One week in Barcelona: IESE, with its Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management (CRHIM) will conduct one week of the MedTech Bootcamp in Barcelona, implementing evidence-based methods in marketing, sales, seed finance, acquiring investors and founders’ agreements. The programme will be rounded out with continuous pitch training, followed by international pitching events. During these events the teams challenge their value proposition in real-world settings in front of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors.

Important dates
  • Application period: 17 March 2020–15 June 2020
  • Start of programme: 31 August 2020
  • Final day: 8 October 2020 in Erlangen (followed by EIT Health Bootcamp tour in November)
The application process

Apply through the EIT Health Optimy platform.

Teams should include two members of a medtech start-up with a “Technology Readiness Level” between 2 (technology concept formulated) and 4 (technology validated in the lab).

Heike Leutheuser
| Activity Leader | FAU
Melanie Viebahn
| | FAU