Master of Science in Health and Medical Data Analytics

Students who understand how to use data analytics for healthcare, and how to be entrepreneurs, can be leaders in healthcare innovation. This master’s course imparts these valuable skills.


The Master in Health and Medical Data Analytics programme offers robust training in entrepreneurship combined with innovative education in healthcare data analytics. Students gain a unique and transdisciplinary academic profile through obligatory international student mobility and cross-organisational internships. The programme is offered at four different European universities, each with its own area of specialisation, and students will spend a portion of their studies abroad. Internships with academic, healthcare and industry partners will provide hands-on experience. Graduates will be information scientists with sophisticated skills in data analytics for health applications, and will be able to use these skills to create new solutions for healthcare needs. In addition, they will also have advanced training in how to exploit their ideas and turn them into viable businesses.

Mariana Méjica Anello
| M.Sc. HMDA Project Coordinator | FAU