Master in Technological Innovation in Health

The next generation of healthcare innovators needs broad experience and knowledge in a wide range of disciplines. MTiH is a creative programme designed to impart the right skills and information.


The Master in Technological innovation in Health programme offers a cross-disciplinary approach to biomedical engineering and entrepreneurship. The course, which started in 2017 and achieved the prestigious EIT Label in 2018, uses a learning‐by‐doing curriculum to promote creativity, innovation, design thinking and a market mentality among students.

Students work in multidisciplinary teams and learn to combine different technologies to solve real-life health problems with solutions that could improve the quality of life of European citizens. Learners are mentored during their curriculum at their home university, visit a partner university for further studies and participate in non-academic activities throughout the programme. Graduates will have the necessary skills in problem solving, collaborative work and taking a market approach to tackle the EIT Health challenges of promoting healthy living, active ageing and improvements in healthcare.

Gerard Sou
| Associate Pr. | Sorbonne Université