Data-rodeo for better healthcare: Clinical pathways and process mining


This course trains professionals to mine data about clinical processes in order to address the cardiovascular events and metabolic complications that take 18 million lives every year.

PATHWAYS breaks the traditional isolation of medical, managerial and engineering disciplines to train a new generation of hospital managers and directors in using process mining to draw the highest value from Big Data. The resulting understanding of disease trajectories will drive a decrease in mortality and improvements in co-morbidity management.

This innovative education project will test digital tools that use process mining technology to help health care professionals. Process mining involves the use of algorithms that analyse the data produced by recording routine processes.

Clinical processes are monitored by each clinical speciality, and this approach permits a comprehensive follow-up of the patient trajectory. Process mining defines a framework to perform reliable traceability and assessment of clinical and managerial processes.

Specifically, this course will :

  • Train healthcare professionals in the use of process mining tools and techniques, understanding how to pose questions, identify methodologies and use their professional knowledge to analyse clinical processes.
  • Use an intuitive web-based framework for process mining and use real data to test the potential to create new valuable information from Big Data.
  • Disseminate best practices for improving accuracy and efficacy of data value technologies in healthcare.

The project envisions implementation of the course taking place in three locations. Evaluation will consist of a tight follow-up of students and the defense of a real case in the application of process mining to a specific clinical process.

Vicente Traver
| R&D director | Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia