Helping people with ID get active

PPALs trains seniors with intellectual disability (ID) to lead fitness activities with their peers.


The Physical Activity Leader Project (PPALs) is an EIT Health Education programme that gives older adults with ID the skills and confidence they need to lead their peers in a range of games and activities designed to improve functional fitness.

Phase 1 was developed in 2018 and its graduates helped to lead an EIT Health Campus Summer School in 2019. For 2020, PPALs 2 will build on this experience to bolster the scalability and sustainability of the programme.

Improvements under PPALs 2 will include:

  • Expanding the training from UK, Ireland and Spain to include Germany.
  • Introducing a new module to build the confidence of the PPALs to lead activities.
  • Training support staff within disability services to empower people with ID to lead activities.
  • Adding digital work packages; micro-learning and the PPALs support app co-created during Phase 1.

External partner

Mary-Ann O'Donovan
| | Trinity College Dublin