Real World Evidence


This course will introduce participants to the potential of real-world evidence (RWE) – existing medical data collected from a variety of sources – so they can understand and develop new methods for data analysis. This project uses blended education, delivering an innovative form of instruction that enables both a digital experience and a face-to-face residential course.

This project delivers education, using a blend of online and face-to-face learning, for postgraduates and healthcare professionals interested in applying RWE and in knowing how to conduct or commission Real World Data (RWD) analysis. RWD is medical data that falls outside the boundaries of controlled clinical trials, and it can come from many sources.

A key objective of the programme is to establish a global network of people to advance the dialogue on data science in healthcare. The success of the format will be evaluated, in order to contribute to research in the area of digital education in health. The content from the course develops skills in the context of RWE, including frameworks for analysing and evaluating content (data).

During the course, learners will be structured into teams to develop and implement data science projects centred on examining two case studies:

  • a herpes simplex patient registry;
  • telemedicine in secondary and tertiary care.

Completion of analysis of these projects will enable students to put learning into practice and establish foundations for further commercial activity or research.


Edward Meinert
| Sir David Cooksey Fellow in Healthcare Translation | University of Oxford