Strengthening E&I training in the EIT labelled IMIM MSc

Creating marketable new solutions to transform healthcare requires abilities in life sciences, entrepreneurship and innovation. The IMIM programme focuses on all three of these fields.


The International Masters in Innovative Medicine (IMIM) is an Erasmus+ programme that obtained the prestigious EIT certificate and complements bimolecular life science studies with intensive training in entrepreneurship and innovation skills.

The two-year programme is run by the EIT Health partners Heidelberg University, Uppsala University and University of Groningen, supported by a range of non-academic partners, including several EIT Health industrial partners. The IMIM programme is built on master’s programmes that are fully embedded in the structures of these universities. IMIM offers a unique translational bench-to-bedside-and-back learning line to educate the best students from all over the world.

Dr. Martijn Nawijn
| Assistant Professor | University Medical Center Groningen