Senior executive programme global health innovation management

Professionals involved in healthcare on a global scale can make a real difference by driving innovative approaches to the challenges they face. SEP GHIM helps leaders in global health excel as leaders in innovation.


SEP GHIM aims to enhance the innovation capacity of global health professionals by providing capacity building tailored to their needs. The course inspires and supports professionals to drive innovation and become real game changers in the global arena, with training in three different global settings: Africa, Europe and Latin America.

About the course

Through an innovative experiential learning model, participants will partake in hands-on innovation in three different global settings while interacting with peers and working on their personal executive challenge.

The learning journey will lead to professional growth and a heightened ability to innovate in a complex and fast changing environment for better health outcomes in an equitable and sustainable way. The course responds to global health needs, while realising the potential of opportunities given by digital medicine, precision health and big data, providing solutions to more connected and better-informed users.

Who should apply

SEP GHIM targets high-level professionals with at least seven years of experience in the field of global health, including researchers, decision-makers, executives – and leaders in the health-related work in industry, technology, healthcare systems, ministries of health, and international and non-governmental organisations. Senior-level participants from various settings bring their perspectives, expertise, and knowledge, developing ideas throughout the course and generating innovative solutions for challenges they are dealing with in their communities.

Modules, dates and schools

Module 1: Global Health Innovation Management: Getting Ready for What Lies Ahead – July 2021 – INCAE Business School, Alajuela (Costa Rica)

Module 2: Transforming and Developing new Solutions in Global Health – September 2021 – Strathmore Business School, Nairobi (Kenya)

Module 3: Getting Things Done: The Art of Implementation – October 2021 – IESE Business School, Barcelona (Spain)


Applications open on 2 November 2020 and close 31 March 2021.

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External partners
  • INCAE Business School (Costa Rica)
  • SBS Business School (Kenya)
  • Smarter Futures (Spain)
Laetitia Paumard
| Activity Lead | IESE Business School